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at the white house. attention has shifted to harry reid and the minority leader mitch mcconnell. they have just wrapped up a meeting within the past half hour. reid saying they're getting closer and closer to a deal. minutes ago, president obama said there is some progress on the senate side. we should get the videotape of the president. he's been outside of the white house, any minute now, we're going to bring you his comments as soon as they come in. stand by for that. meanwhile, republican senator bob corker of tennessee says the reid-mcconnell talks under way right now are where a deal is most likely to come from. >> i think at the end of the day, the culmination needs to be something between mcconnell and reid. and i think that all of the side talks that have occurred have helped create an environment for that to happen. so you know, i think -- i know mitch and harry are talking and i think we're about to get to a place where you know, again, we can move something hopefully off the senate floor that's widely bipartisan. i think it's going to take that to having something move productively
, and mitch mcconnell and other senator republicans. the meeting was good, said harry reid afterwards. there may be movement, we don't know. >> we are four days from the october 17th default deadline, right? >> we really are, yes. >> two weeks into the government shutdown, and there has been polling that has been bad for both parties - clearly worse for the republicans, right? >> yes. >> surely there'll be a point where voters say, "i don't care who is more responsible, who i feel is more responsible. i need someone to fix this." >> there was an n b.c. washington "wall street journal" poll with a 22% difference between who people blame. they blame the republicans more than the president by a margin of 22 points. so that is very, very significant, and worrying for the republicans, who were hoping to get more senators into the senate - republican senators in the midterm elections next november. that has to be on the cards. i think it will not be one person. a lot of people are saying where is john boehner, speaker of the house. he's the de facto leader of the republicans, where is he?
right here, mitch mcconnell, is really a good guy. you can deal with him. just take those record number of filibusters and cast them aside. they really weren't real. just let's cast aside that his number-one goal was to defeat president obama. cast aside that his number two goal was to make sure that obama care never got implemented. come on now. we can get harry and mitch together to do a deal. and everything is going to be okay, the shutdown will be over with, we won't default, we'll pay our bills, life will be good. and we'll be the america that we want to be. i'm sorry, folks. i've -- can take on some challenges, but i can't sell that one. i can't sell that one. and you know what? because there's no way anyone could sell it, because it simply isn't the truth. i'm telling you tonight, folks, this is the truth. you cannot deal with this guy. this is all about political cover right now. this is all about republican senators being able to go back home with some terrible poll numbers and say, it's not my fault. not my fault at all. washington is broken. you know, i voted for the continui
pelosi. also harry reid and minority leader mitch mcconnell. right now, the senate convenes, and these two huge players, mcconnell and reid, are expected to speak. we're watching very closely. we've been reporting this meeting, reid and mcconnell's office, the talking that's taking place, and what these two say could indicate the face of the country, really, at this point in time. fast-moving story. dana bash has been all over it. she's our chief congressional correspondent. i understand reid has been back in mcconnell's office. tell me, is this a good sign heading into this white house meeting in 60 minutes? >> it sure seems like a good sign. i just came to talk to you from standing outside of mcconnell's office which is kind of on the other side of the capitol, we expect both of them to leave there soon to speak publicly on the senate floor. but as reid was walking into mcconnell's office, ted barrett saw he was holding a piece of paper, which is a good sign, and he said we're going over the deal. the question is, are you there yet? he said, not yet. we were talking a lot
but this latest round of talks with his counterparts, senator mitch mcconnell are in the very early stages. jim. >> axelrod: jeff pegues on capitol hill for us tonight, thank you. let's bring in john harris now, editor in chief of the political web site, john, optimism is a rare commodity in washington tonight, anything that may break the stalemate on the o jorge quiroga son? >> yes, jim, i think there is, if you look at today there was all the usual chaos back and forth, partisan charges, sort of the lines drawn in the sand and yet beneath the surface there is a sense that both sides now see an end game and that end game resides in the senate between two people who don't necessarily like each other a lot but they do understand each other and they do respect each other as negotiators. that is of course, mitch mcconnell and senator harry reid, the majority leader, negotiations are now between the two of them and it looks like that is where the deal is going to germinate, the question is always as to whether house republicans will go along. >> this week some poll numbers suggested historic lows f
's allowing the freshman representatives in his party to run things. a move could come from mitch mcconnell or patty murray, or susan collins, who has a plan on the table, extending the debt ceiling to 21 january, but requires changes to the affordable care act, known as obamacare. here is senator rob portman for you to listen to. he spoke on, "meet the press", and he said there's blame to be shared by politicians of all stripes in this town. take a look. >> there is fault on both sides. that's where we are, and that's why the president and leaders of congress ought to take the opportunity to deal with the problems, and keeping budget caps in place, put in place two years ago, we have added $2 trillion to the debt since then. >> the deadlock is locked down. republicans say now the democrats are talking about uncuting some of the cuts that were put into place by the sequester. that's new, something we have not heard of. we have to deal with it. democrats are saying, "look, reopen the government and we can talk". >> let's talk in facts here. sure, the polls do say that voters are miffed with
the senate is convening behind the scenes. majority leader harry reid and republican leader mitch mcconnell are holding talks to end the shutdown and reach a deal on the debt ceiling just days -- four days before that deadline. let's go right to mark preston on capitol hill. mark, what's happening there? is there any movement? what are you hearing? >> reporter: i have to tell you, miguel, this is a rather rare session of the united states senate gaveling in on a sunday afternoon. we hope now that senator harry reid and senator mitch mcconnell will be able to get together. the ball has been handed to them right now. collapse is the best way to describe what has happened between the talks between house republicans and president obama that happened on friday. right now the ball is in the united states senate court. it's really in the hands of senator harry reid and senator mitch mcconnell. we're four days until the treasury says we will be out of money or be out of enough money to pay all our creditors and we are now heading into the third week of the u.s. government shutdown, miguel. >> when
, harry reid and the republican leader mitch mcconnell. unclear if they've met face to face yet today or not. my understanding according to sources in both parties is they actually had discussions that were more productive than they were perceived to be over the weekend. and that you know, the issue still is how long would they raise the debt ceilinging for and how long would they fund the government. now, those are not unimportant issues. those are obviously the key issues that they have had problems over. and the line in the sand for the democratic leader i'm told in these discussions is that he doesn't want to open the government and to fund the government longer than the end of the year. why is that? because what happens in january is a new round of forced spending cuts, across the board spending cuts kick in, meaning we're already in them now and another round is going to happen. democrats do not want that to happen. they're afraid if they fund the government through then, that would lock those spending cuts in place. it's harder to get out of them. i'm also told mitch mcconnell
battle, that's mitch mcconnell of the commonwealth of kentucky, he spoke on the senate floor before arriving on the white house. >> shortly i'll join by colleagues at the white house. it will be a good idea to engage in a frank exchange if that's what the president is looking for. >> the staff of the house republicans and white house they talked through the night. we understand no major movement. the proposals and counterproposals still going g back and forth. >> what are the most recent pals saying about who americans blame for this crisis in washington? >> yeah. it's interesting. we were just talking about mitch mcconnell the fact he has this challenge from the right, and it's funded by a lot of these so-called super pacs that can spend money. sometimes their donors who are virtually announcement. ted cruz has lead the fight to challenge people just like mitch mcconnell. at this very moment the value voter's summit, many rock rib conservatives at a hotel in washington a lot of red meat being thrown out there including by ted cruz, but the approach lead by ted cruz, the stat by f
into recession. >> the dealmakers after talks in the house broke down over the weekend, harry reid and mitch mcconnell met today. reid says he hopes to strike a deal before congressional leaders head to the white house. we'll talk to key leaders mary landry and chuck schumer and ask republican senator bob corker if he stands by this warnings prediction. >> i do hope by the end of the day we'll have an agreement that makes sense for our country. >> good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington where key political players are trying to put a wasted weekend behind them. president obama and vice president biden are going to host senate and house leaders from both parties this afternoon. right now the prospects for a deal that can clear both chambers are still slim. tennessee senator bob corker has hope eternal serving on the bank committee calling for both sides to come together. senator, thank you very much. i know you've had a long weekend talking to leaders, international leaders. what is the latest in the form of susan collins or bipartisan group proposal can be resurrected in time to avoid th
onto it. mitch mcconnell, leading republican is a vacuum cleaner for money in congress. the court that's come into play as appointed by one conservative president after another. is it wrong of me to be skeptical? >> i would say this is a movement. this is a group of people who decided they wanted to achieve a goal which is deregulation, and they have been working bit by bit, case by case in order to achieve that goal. now, in some senses that's what everybody does. if you think about the olden days, you know, the naacp litigated some cases to build the precedent that led to brown v. board of education. so jim bopp is doing that for a slightly different kind of purpose. but for the last ten years, he has been bringing case after case. and it used to be you'd read his legal arguments and you'd think, there's no way that could win. under current precedent that's plainly wrong. but what jim bopp has done is change what the precedent is. and now we are at a point we're seeing arguments and briefs for example that public finance is unconstitutional, that a variety of challenge, of things th
reid and mitch mcconnell are the last best hope. can they succeed so far where everybody else hasn't. >> all of us are talking about spending, which is where we should have been in the first place. and i do sense tremendous amounts of unity within senate republicans. >> so wall street does not seem to be sharing that optimism. stocks opened sharply lower this morning after a weekend that went nowhere in washington. >> the whole financial world is looking at us right now and we can governor ourselves. we've just got to put our country first. we came here for a purpose. >> so for now the government is still closed and the next crisis is coming and the financial world is moving from caution, concern, now to serious worry. here's a result of this one combined mess. it covers, look at this, the "new yorker" saying congress is the haunted house. speaking of ghosts of the past, look who revealed herself in washington this weekend, sarah palin was at senator ted cruise's side at a rally at the world war ii memorial. >> how do you tell you're losing in american politics? sarah palin is stan
something to do with the health care law within that. what we know, mitch mcconnell is going to bring this forward to a republican caucus meeting later in the senate. they'll weigh in a little bit. whatever deal, though, comes out of the senate, presumably that optimism that harry reid and mitch mcconnell had on the floor earlier, whatever comes out is going to unrun it into a house gop conference which will not like it. so the question becomes, to what degree will john boehner say no thanks and maybe amend a senate deal, perhaps the house tries to do their own thing last minute or do they just sort of bite the bullet and pass what the senate is handing over? and martin, i'll give you a quick history lesson. we have seen this movie play out before. during the fiscal cliff, mitch mcconnell and joe biden, they struck a deal at 4:00 in the morning on new year's day. >> i remember. >> reporter: the senate passed that with 70-plus something votes. the house gop immediately rejected it. but what happened later that night? john boehner put it on the floor, it passed through, eric cantor vote
spending number. after mitch mcconnell made it clear he would accept the plan, he blamed reid for walking away. they all pushed back this a statement disputing a bipartisan deal was accepted if reid would accept it. the minimum demand with no strings attached should not be counted as concession. >> they are not doing us a favor by opening the government. they are not doing us a favor by the debt ceiling. this is not a concession. >> senate republicans believe democrats could threaten a deal by getting greedy with the terms of surrender. >> our democratic friends keep moving the goal post thinking they are winning and saying what they thought was weakness also moved to the place. they tried to humiliate republicans and things change in american politics and i know what it's like to be in the minority and majority and it won't be forgotten. >> one, the senate does come to the rescue with the proposal the most likely vehicle for a deal. but changed around quite a bit or two, if negotiations in the senate collapse say by the end of tomorrow, speaker boehner simply puts a clean debt ceiling ex
from now. it seems as though that's where the republican leader mitch mcconnell is going to present what we just told you, make sure it will fly. john boehner, we know, was in -- walking behind the offices in the capitol trying to avoid us but was back with mitch mcconnell getting a sense of what was going on here so it seems to be gelling rather fast. we'll see if the white house meeting ever even has to happen that was postponed at 3:00. >> john boehner, though, interests me more than mitch mcconnell even if mitch mcconnell is the one negotiating this deal with harry reid. is there any indication that house republicans are willing to go along with this deal that is being negotiated by the leader of the other body? >> reporter: that is really such a key question and key point, because they have been driving, the house republicans have been driving this train for two weeks and we have ended up where we are, with the government shut down and uncertainty just days away from the debt ceiling deadline. the answer to that is we don't know for sure, but it certainly appears that john boeh
of the house. while that's happening, mitch mcconnell has said to harry reid, we're not going to negotiate, i want to see what's coming out of the house of representatives. what boehner has done in the house gop conference has done, delayed the talks that were seemingly going very well between reid and mcconnell to see what the house can produce. from conversations i've had with members, it's really, real tough sledding to use a cliche for them to get to 218 on this bill, whatever it might look like. the more conservative it gets, the more it will be dismissed by reid. on your point, it makes it easier in the sense that boehner and the house gop can pass this bill over to the senate, reid in theory could amend it, striking out things he doesn't like and keeping things they could agree on, on which there is some in there and move it forward. as we get towards the october 17th deadline, this creates a huge issue if the markets react negativively and on top of that, there are folks in the house gop that don't think october 17th is that bad. if the markets react negativively, they'll yank this an
duo of senators harry reid and mitch mcconnell. on sunday reid proposed a long-term deal. the proposal came after diagrams rejected a republican plan drafted by senator susan collins which wooch locked in deep on sequester cuts in exchange for opening the government through march. reid's offer met with chilly response from same senate republicans who claim to want a deal. >> here is what i'm worried about, a deal coming out of the senate a majority of republicans can't vote for in the house. that really does compromise speaker boehner's leadership. after all this mess is over, do we really want to compromise john boehner as leader of the house? >> i don't know. yes. maybe. senator graham raises a fair point. where is the raucous house caucus in the deal making? most data points to disarray. after reviewing his options over chinese takeouts and cigarettes, how angry the stock markets get on voting on a bill in the lower chamber. speaking of which global financial leaders warned this weekend of massive disruption the world over should america fail. somewhere between gaenghas khan. we wil
anybody here. you have erick erickson saying mitch mcconnell is the single obstacle we have this week taking our country back from the debt spiral instigated by obama and his merry band of community organizers. let mitch mcconnell know if he cuts a deal that doesn't defund or delay obama care, he will not be coming back to the senate. >> cue the darth vader. we've just had an introduction into the meeting that's taken place on the death star. you're both right. we can't spine the football. democrats have to just say, look, we have seen the edge, and we've looked over the precipice, lets pull back. that's really the utility of a longer term debt extension is to give these guys a little bit of space and a little bit of time. nobody in washington and nobody that's watched washington thinks somehow we're going to have an epiphany over the course of the next six weeks that unwinds this big knot that has been in governance and particularly in budgeting. move the debt ceiling much further down the road. lets get away from economic calamity, messing consumer confidence in the holidays. lets g
like everyone is looking at two long-time veterans to broker a deal, senators harry reid and mitch mcconnell. for today, no big meetings to report. sunday, mcconnell and reid did briefly talk on the phone and aides said it was cordial but inconclusive. president obama also called democratic house leader nancy pelosi. while no one is panicking yet, it's not good. >> they haven't put us on suicide watch yet but they're concerned about us. >> we do have to start talking but we have to do that without being in the midst of a crisis moment and without jeopardizing our full faith and credit. >> he's got to play a more aggressive role. i'm not saying negotiating or whatever you want to call it, get people in a room, show this is serious. >> i don't see why the president is not accepting that, why he's not working with us. i think it's been very difficult to work with him. >> with the president, with senate democrats, with senate republicans, there's a will. we now have to find a way. >> this morning mt. rushmore, the statue of liberty and the grand canyon all back open because states will front the
emerged because the senate minority mitch mcconnell, who is a republican because the democrats have the majority in the senate, and vice president joe biden, hammered out a compromise. both of them are involved now. after the house has so far failed at finding some kind of compromise. it sort of seems like the heavy hitters have come to the table now. >> the prospect of a debt default is a scary one. how are americans taking it? >> they are scared as well. a majority thinks it is a really bad idea and approval ratings of congress are quite frankly abysmal at the moment. especially the republicans are taking the brunt of the whole thing. the latest polls i saw, approval ratings of about 24% for republicans. that is really bad. they are feeling the pressure of the moment. we talked to a couple republicans that the values voters summit taking place here in washington dc and -- d.c.. at the moment it is a republican summit. they said they were all for, or mice. -- compromise. they wanted not only the republicans to move, but also democrats to move, especially on obamacare. >> max hoffma
to meet with the participate. mitch mcconnell, he is the leader of senate republicans. he is an interesting figure. in past crises like this he and joe biden have gotten together and hashed this out and struck a deal that hasn't been to the liking of many. but this year he has largely stood on the side lines because he does have a challenger from the right in the commonwealth of kentucky, but he is inserting himself more and more into this process, and earlier before coming to the white house we spoke on the floor of the sen e senate. >> this will be a good opportunity to engage in a frank exchange of ideas with the president. if that's what he is looking for. but if all the president wants is to just drag us over there to say he won't negotiate that won't be particularly productive. >> the president will sign the six-week raising of the debt ceiling. but the senates will have their own idea, and that would be an extension for a full year, and that would take us past the elections for midterms of congress. >>> i understand there is new polling when it comes to whom americ
and his case is supported by senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, who is scheduled to address the court, this morning. "they could go as far as throwing out all contribution limits as unconstitutional." and in an extension of 20-10's citizens united ruling which granted corporations free speech rights as individuals, the justices will soon decide whether to hear a challenge to obamacare's requirement that employers provide insurance coverage for contraception. corporations object saying the requirment violates their right to religious freedom. chaos and confusion--that's the way the first mate describes the night the costa concordia cruise ship ran aground in january 20-12. yesterday in court-- the ship's first mate said the captain confused and seemed "completely lost". captain francesco schettino, is on trial for the deaths of the 32 passengers. he is also charged with abandoning ship. the next phase of the civil trial against b-p oil is underway and the company is facing billions more in penalties. one key question in the trial is how much oil spilled into the gulf following the ho
reid and minority leader mitch mcconnell held a meeting this morning. >> the conversations were extremely cordial but very preliminary, of course. nothing conclusive. this should be seen as something very positive. >> reporter: reid is hopeful an agreement can be reached but offered no specifics. house speaker boehner says talks with president obama have stalled. house rebublicans have a plan to reopen the government and raise the nation's borrowing limit for six weeks, but they want concessions from the obama administration first. the president says there can be no conditions on reopening the government. >> the president is freezing out america. >> democrats can't simply refuse to negotiate. they have to be willing to work together. >> reporter: the obama administration says if no deal is reached to increase the nation's borrowing limit before next thursday, the government will have no money to pay its bills. >> national parks and monuments are closed because of the government shutdowns, but some states are covering the expenses of leaving some landmarks open until the shutdown
is completely dissipated. harry reid and mitch mcconnell have gun to speak with each other, which has been considered a good thing. they have a history of doing this. do you remember when the sequester was being debated on the 31st of december of last year out of a blue there was a deal that came out of mitch mcconnell and harry reid and everything went away. we brief they're doing something behind the scenes but we don't know what because they're not telling us. also, the susan collins deal is still out there who put forward a plan last week. her plan would extend the debt ceiling until december 31st. the democrats rejected that on saturday but it's still out there. she and another women senators are pushing this deal forward. i think it may yet end up being a starting point if not a finishing point. in the meantime the feeling is they will get something done recording the debt ceiling. but of course time is not on their side now. >> john, take a look at these numbers. a poll released last week said that 53% of americans are blaming republicans while only 31 are blaming president obama fo
president biden will meet with the four leaders in the house and senate so that harry reed, senator mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi, this is something that we'll watch for any progress to come out of. interesting to see that vice president biden willing present. he has been missing in action during this whole process. he was at camp david taking a bit of r&r, and that had a lot of people around here noticing, and the conventional wisdom is up to until now senate democrats have not wanted vice president biden in this process because senate democrats say they would hold a tougher line. they didn't want the white house giving away things and making concessions that they weren't ready to do. in congress you'll see the senate bring up this clean bill that would raise the debt ceiling. don't expect it to move again because they would need republican support. over in the house they're continuing this piecemeal approach where the house republicans will take one part of the federal government and try to find just that. today they're attacking native american and alaskan aid issues and a variety of issues f
to attend, harry reid, mitch mcconnell, john boehner, and nancy pelosi. vice president joe biden is also said to be there. the last meeting happened on october 2. the white house is saying that the president will reiterate his desire for congress to pass bills to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling. the president will make clear that he will not pay ransom for lawmakers taking those steps. that meeting is set to happen at 3 p.m. eastern today. politico reporting that harry reid has offered mitch mcconnell a deal that would reopen the government until mid to late december while extending the u.s. debt ceiling, according to several sources familiar with those talks. we will get to more of those details in just a moment. we will take our first call. our first call his duty, from l prado, new mexico on the independent's line. >> i think the government should get together today and decide what they want. there is a lot of poor people out there and sick people that need their checks and everything. they need to help the people instead of fighting among each other. decide what they
:00 this afternoon with both leaders, mitch mcconnell and majority leader harry reid, both expressing optimism as they plan to attend a meeting with the president this afternoon. that meeting is getting underway at 3:00 at the white house. looking at some of your remarks --, will vote to impeach him. if you want to save this country from the tea public and taliban -- truman said -- if you cannot convince them, confuse them. that is from span. andelcome your thoughts comments. mark is in franklin new hampshire on the democrat's line. >> the elderly gentleman that called an earlier, i feel for him. the democrats wanted to go to shut down with republicans, they have tried 18 times in the past six months. they said, let's sit down. he will enforce the shutdown and make the democrats -- they want to open this, they want to pay for that. >> thank you for your call, and thank you for your comments. --ority leader harry reid ending a two-week partial government shutdown as president obama called congressional leaders to the white house for an end to the impasse. we a
, on both sides of the aisle, republican and democrat. that needs major leader harry reid, mitch mcconnell, john boehner and nancy pelosi will be there together. these are the four people along with the president that can make a difference in dealing and negotiating. we're seeing a lot of behind closed door meeting. harry reed and mitch mcconnell met about an hour ago. these are leaders in the senate and have a long history together but have not talked up until this weekend during this whole government shownd operation and the march -- shutdown towards the debt ceiling. that's significant that's probably the greatest place to see hope for any sort of negotiated deal to come from the senate and these two men in particular. >> and libby, it seems like that proposal floated by susan collins of maine might have been a good proposal, what happened? >> she was a moderate, there was push back from the push back of the democrats because they didn't like some of the details. it would essentially get the government back up and running until springtime and would lift the debt ceiling for some period
that the united states government is paying its bills. >> reporter: senate republican leader mitch mcconnel is not warming up to the democrat's demands. instead he's endorsing a proposal all ready on the table from senator susan collins. the collins plan funds the government at current levels for six months and raises the debt limit through the end of january. danielle nottingham, cbs news, capitol hill. >>> within the last 30 minutes or so, the top two leaders in the senate have expressed optimism about a deal. trading was down most of the morning. the dow up 65 points. >>> people getting social security are getting a raise. although it's a small one. it will be a historically small increase. it will come in january about a 1.5 percent or $17 a month. >>> in today's health watch, bad sleep habits could cause bad behavior in young children. according to a new study in the journal of pediatrics. u.s. researchers tracked the bedtimes of kids up to age seven and compared the findings with progress reports from parents and teachers. they believe the irregular bedtimes upset the body's natural r
reid met with mitch mcconnell to hammer a dell. both men are publicly expressing optimism about an agreement. or at least trying to raise the debt ceiling anyway. meanwhile today, house and senate leaders were supposed to take yet another trip down possibly you avenue -- pennsylvania avenue. it was postponed because leaders said they need more time to work on a deal. a longer this debate continues the more ordinary americans are feeling the sting. if you are waiting for justice and immigration or civil case, that weight is going to be a little longer. federal courts have been operating on emergency funds. that money is drying up. prosecutors who already working with a skeleton staff are being forced to go home themselves. immigrants who are waiting for a green card are being told they have to wait until the shutdown is over for help. again, who knows when and shutdown will end. here to talk more about this is bob. who we have heard about the political chaos -- we have heard about the political chaos. let's talk about the economic have it -- havoc. what is happening in terms of t
majority leader coming out of negotiations -- inquirer"adelphia features mitch mcconnell on their front page. joining us on the phone is the white house for respondent, jeff mason. there is a few things on the table and it was apparently a good day yesterday and we will see if it is a good day today. the main ideas they have come up with between the two of them are to extend the debt ceiling into mid-february which means that we would not be facing the same kind of crisis again at the end of this year. democrats really did not want to go through this again during the holidays so that is one of their main thrusts. it would reopen the government immediately and keep it open until mid-january and then it message toset up the start brokered negotiations for the budget that would hopefully and by the end of this year. those are the three main parts. as you mentioned, it still needs to get passed by the senate and then we need to see whether the house will sign up for this as well. host: when have you heard this could come for a vote for the senate? guest: i have not heard an exact timing on
is talking to the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, but we don't know what really will be yielded from that, though we're being told to be optimistic. however, this is up in the air and pretty much a mess. >> harry reid looked downright depressed, despite the cordial discussion with mitch mcconnell, he said, but it does not look well. we are now awaiting susan collins, who will be speaking here at the senate shortly. we're going to get to that, coming up after the break. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients... plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. join the millions who have already enrolled in the only medicare suppl
on talks between senate leaders harry reid and mitch mcconnell. >> our discussions were substantive. >> reporter: their impact is largely over spending cuts known as the sequester. republicans want larger cuts. democrats want to undo the sequester. >> neither like the sequester. the dispute is how to undo it. >> reporter: mcconnell and others are embracing a solution offered by a bipartisan group of senators that would raise the debt ceiling through january. >> we sparked a dialogue that did not exist before we put out a plan. >> reporter: if both sides can't compromise, the treasury department says it will no longer have the authority to borrow money to bay bills. >> we don't run out of money any that moment but investors are going to be really nervous. stocks could likely go down. bonds could go down. >> reporter: consumer confidence dropped last week susan mckin nice, cbs news, washington. >> they may be feeling the impact of the washington stalemate. dow futures are down indicating trading could drop. >>> what a seen sunday morning, protesters tossing aside the barriers, demandi
. they failed to tie it to obamacare. house conservatives are on the sideline and mitch mcconnell, another target of conservative mistrust searches for a last-minute deal with democrats. >> perhaps tomorrow will be a bright day. we are not there yet. we hope it will be. >> negotiations are at a sensitive stage it was viewed at a positive development when a meeting called by the president at the white house between republicans and democrats, house and senate leaders were postponed because they were hammering out details behind closed doors. >> now here is the timetable members of congress are facing. on 17 october the government will no longer be able to borrow money. the treasury says there's $30 billion in the coffers, running out between october 17th and 22nd. social security, veterans and medicare may be on hold. 22 october default if bills not paid. finally, november 15th, another $29 billion interest payment is due. if the economy slows and tax payments fall short, a default could occur. >> looking at the reactions on wall street. the do you started the day losing money. then when the
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